Killer Cupcakes: 6 Cute & Creepy Halloween Desserts

6 Cute & Creepy Halloween Desserts

While it's true that the once ubiquitous cupcake no longer strides the culinary landscape like a mighty colossus, it is still a force to be reckoned with, especially when certain holidays roll around, like Halloween.

It makes sense. Not only are cupcakes the ultimate convenience food, they lend themselves to all kinds of decorations. Read on to see all the creative ways you can give your guests a fright with these one-of-a-kind creepy cupcake creations.

#1. Creepy Cupcake Kids

So this objet d'art isn't edible, but it's definitely worth showing off as a centerpiece for your Halloween party, don't you think?

Images via CaRniVaLiTy

You can see more creepy cupcake kids from CaRniVaLiTy and even order them at their Etsy shop whenever there are some for sale (they go quick).

#2. Howlin' Werewolf Cupcakes

Making these bad boys means you have to get handy with a pastry bag and some frosting techniques, but that's not as hard as you might think.

Image via Haunted Acre Woods

Note the red chocolate candies for eyes. A nice touch, eh? You can get the recipe from Duncan Hines.

#3. Jack-O'-Lantern Cupcakes

Pumpkin spice or pumpkin-based anything is pretty unavoidable at this time of year, but the Bearfoot Baker went and made cupcakes that actually mimic the shape of jack-o'-lanterns instead of just being frosted to look like them.

Image via The Bearfoot Baker

Pretty cute, huh? There's also instructions for regular pumpkin patch versions on her site, too, in case you don't want to spend a lot of time making eyes.

#4. Zombie Hands Cupcakes

These zombie hands rising from a cupcake graveyard are spooky, but also tasty: the cake part is rich and fudgy and the "dirt" is made from Oreo cookies. You can buy zombie hands at a craft store, or you can make your own—they're actually pretty easy to make. A recipe for fondant zombie hands is available at Epicurious.

Image via Sweetest Kitchen

These would be perfect for a Walking Dead-themed party, don't you think? Maybe even one for In the Flesh.

#5. Haunted Cupcakes

These cupcakes feature little fondant ghosts that float gently above the actual cake. How, you ask? Well, it's actually pretty easy. You use a marshmallow, lollipop, or even a smaller cupcake underneath the fondant circle.

Image via Juniper Cakery

You can get instructions for the ghosts from Enchanted Events and Design, Martha Stewart, or Juniper Cakery. The latter also includes a guide for the haunting Black Forest cupcakes. Appropriate, yes?

If you don't like using fondant for the ghosts, which can taste gummy and weird, then take a great tip from Hoosier Homemade and make some candy clay instead.

#6. Unnerving Eyeball Cupcakes

You can't toss a handful of graveyard dirt without running into a recipe for eyeball cupcakes during this time of year. As Mental Floss pointed out, these versions by the Barefoot Kitchen Witch are spectacular because of their attention to detail. I mean, they have eyelashes and everything! And the effect is even better when you have several of the eyeball cupcakes grouped together.

Images via Barefoot Kitchen Witch

Are some of those supposed to be werewolf eyes? It's pretty damn spooky, but not as spooky as trying to figure out what they're all staring at.

Bonus: Alien & Ghost Brownies

Technically, these are not cupcakes, but they are portable single-serving desserts. Also, they have individual (and adorable) aliens and ghosts made from marshmallows, frosting, food coloring, and candy sitting atop each square. I say they count, you know?

Image via Betty Crocker

Come to think of it, a regular-sized marshmallow would make a great Frankenstein's monster head.

Get even more great spooky food fun and learn how to make bloody jello worms, easy Halloween hors d'oeuvres, shrunken heads from apples and potatoes, and mix killer Halloween cocktails.

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