How To: 9 Oreo Hacks That Make Life Worth Living

9 Oreo Hacks That Make Life Worth Living

We've already shown you how to dunk a regular-sized Oreo cookie while keeping your fingers pristine, how to upgrade Oreos into different desserts, and even make them into lazy ice cream sandwiches. Now we're going to introduce you to a few other essential Oreo hacks that will give you a brand-new outlook on a classic snack.

#1. Make Oreo Dessert Tacos

Sandra Dennelar went and turned Golden Oreos into sweet little dessert tacos for Cinco de Mayo. If that's not the best demonstration of the benefits of multiculturalism, I don't know what is.

Do not put salsa on these bad boys. Image via She Knows

#2. Dunk Several Oreo Minis at Once

If you're the impatient type who likes your dunked Oreos on the soggy side, you need to learn this trick, pronto. All you need is a French press and a lot of milk and cookies. Works best with Mini Oreos.

#3. Oreo Cookie Pops

Want an easy party snack or housewarming gift? Insert some chopsticks, popsicle sticks, or skewers in Oreos, dip them in melted chocolate, and decorate them with colorful sprinkles or frosting as desired. Easy Baked has a good how-to on this.

The only thing better than an Oreo is an Oreo dipped in chocolate. Image via Mommy's Kitchen

You can even utilize mini Oreos to make Oreo pops that might remind you of a certain mouse.

No traps needed for these kind of mice. Image via Bit Rebels

#4. Use Oreos for Simple, Stunning Cupcake Decoration

Speaking of mice, who can resist these adorable cupcakes?

If that's not a sugar rush, we don't know what is. Image via Nashville Sweets

If you don't like your mice lying down, no problem: you can make 'em upright. Mini ones work here, too.

Sugar Rush II: Electric Boogaloo. Image via Will Cook for Smiles

#5. Group Oreos Dunk

Having a group of people over? Then you definitely need to utilize this nifty hack so everyone can dunk their cookies simultaneously. Hey, it's cheaper than giving everyone their own glass of milk.

(If you liked this tip and tip #2 above, be sure to check out the official Oreo Snack Hacks Channel on YouTube.)

#6. Make Oreo Cream Dip

This hack is so hardcore that I'm pretty sure just watching this video gave me type 2 diabetes. Scrape the filling out of several Oreos into a bowl, heat it up in the microwave until it's melted, then dip anything you'd like into it.

#7. Make Oreo Ice Pops

Crushed-up Oreos, heavy cream or milk, mini drink cups, popsicle sticks + your freezer = mind-bowing dessert deliciousness. Little Inspiration has a great recipe, but many variations exist.

Peanut butter Oreo popsicles. Image via Pass the Sushi

#8. No-Bake Oreo Cheesecake

This Oreo hack only requires 3 ingredients: Oreos (obviously), cream cheese, and condensed milk. Perfect for an Oreo addict on a hot day.

#9. Hack Your Cake with Oreos

Want your birthday cake to look swanky, but not ready to invest in a fancy frosting kit? Simply frost your cake in a light color and place Oreo wafers in both sizes all over that sucker to create graphic impact.

An Oreo cheesecake and a layer of chocolate cake, covered in frosting, and decorated with Oreos. Image via Erin's Food Files

If you really, really love Oreos, but some of your friends and family members don't, then make a compromise with this Oreo-shaped, regular-sized cake.

It may say "Hang" here, but you can have it say anything you want. Image via Adventures in Cake Decorating

You can grab the recipes from Chris over on Adventures in Cake Decorating.

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