How To: Add Citrus to Your Scrambled Eggs to Make Them Literally Mouthwatering

Add Citrus to Your Scrambled Eggs to Make Them Literally Mouthwatering

Even for an avid egg enthusiast, a popular dish like scrambled eggs can get tiresome if it's on repeat in your breakfast rotation. For an unusual way to add some oomph to your œufs, consider adding a squeeze of lemon to your scramble. Read on to understand why this seemingly odd suggestion will boost your eggs' flavor.

Citrus & Scrambled Eggs: A Match Made in Breakfast Heaven

Adding a squeeze of lemon or lime juice, or a few generous drops of orange juice, to scrambled eggs has the same effect as salt does on your taste buds: it makes you salivate.

Increased salivation means that your eggs literally become mouth-watering. The zest from a lemon or orange also works because it has the same citrusy flavor, and can be a great substitute for the juice if you don't want to add extra liquid to your eggs.

Image by Calgary Reviews/Flickr

Applying This Trick to Recipes

Now that you know the secret to elevating your scrambled eggs, it's time to put this hack to work. Claire from The Kitchy Kitchen adds a few tablespoons of OJ to her scrambled eggs to give them a hint of sweetness without being overly fruity.

Image by Claire/The Kitchy Kitchen

To turn your eggs elegant, try a fancy recipe from Belle of the Kitchen. It uses both mushrooms and decedent truffle oil. To cut the richness of this dish, add a squeeze of lemon juice just before serving for some citrus-y balance.

Image via Belle of the Kitchen

Adding citrus is an easy solution for changing up your boring old scrambled egg routine. My mind was blown the first time I realized how much a little squeeze of lemon could brighten up my eggs—and I've never looked back. I'm sure the same will happen to you once you try it. Let us know in the comments below how adding citrus to your scrambled eggs worked out for you.

More Eggs-Cellent Ways to Alter Your Eggs:

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