Halloween Food Hacks: Easy Spooktacular Hors D'Oeuvres

Easy Spooktacular Hors D'Oeuvres

It's never too early to start planning for the best holiday of the year, right? We've already shown you how to make chillingly creepy cocktails, shrunken heads out of apples and potatoes, and a slew of DIY costumes, whether you want to go as Groot or an emoji. Now it's time to think about the most important part of any good Halloween party: the food. If you need inspiration for some spookily tasty Halloween hors d'oeuvres, just read on.

Hot Dog Mummies

Pigs in a blanket rule. Even better than pigs in a blanket? Hot dog mummies, which are basically the same thing, only with the crescent/puff pastry dough more artistically applied.

You can also use paste-on googly eyes or mustard instead of ketchup. Image via Sea Kettle

You just need to cut up whatever kind of dough you use into strips and wind it around the mummy "bodies." Pillsbury has full instructions on the process. My favorite touch, though, is adding some "guts" to your mummy, via a strategically placed bite and some ketchup.

Put this guy out of his misery and eat him up! Image via Sea Kettle

For the sake of your guests, you might want to use a knife to carve out a chunk if you want to borrow this method for display purposes.

Spooky Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are a natural when it comes to Halloween appetizers—the word "devil" is in their name, after all. But now you can really kick things up a notch by making spider deviled eggs.

You probably want a pair of good kitchen shears to make the legs on these spiders. Image via Apron Strings

For a fun variation on the spooky deviled egg, try making the bloodshot eyes version. The recipe for these "deviled eyeballs" involves guacamole. You can make it yourself or cheat and buy some premade.

Red food coloring and mayo help create the bloodshot effect. Image via Avocados from Mexico via Babble

Finger Foods, Anyone?

There's nothing like nibbling on an assortment of appetizers that look like dismembered phlanges. You can make yours out of pretzel rods dipped in green chocolate so they look like witches' fingers (complete with an almond for a nail).

How big were those witches' hands? Don't ask. Image via Deep in the Heart of Tejas

There are also these fingers, made from shortbread cookies, cherry jam, and almonds, which are almost too realistic for me.

Ironically, these cookies are vegan. Image via Julia's Vegan Kitchen

You could also be super healthy and make this blood-red hummus with carrot fingers (don't worry, the hummus is only red because beets are part of the recipe).

Almond nails might be a nice touch here, too. Image via Skinny Ms.

Meat Head

You can't just serve up a platter of cold cuts at a Halloween party. You definitely have to go the extra mile and serve a creepy skinned head version (especially when it's really not hard to assemble). Another version can be found here.

Keep extra prosciutto handy so you can redecorate once a few guests have taken most of the slices. Image by Todd Abrams/Gourmet Underground Detroit

Scary Cerebrum

What Halloween would be complete without eating brains...brains...brains? The recipe requires that you cook together chicken broth and unflavored gelatin as the substance that holds the "brains" (frozen cooked shrimp) together.

Despite its size, this is actually pretty easy to put together. Image via Better Homes & Gardens

If you want a less gross brain on a platter, you could carve one out of a watermelon instead. It may not be as slimy, but stabbing it with a knife definitely adds a layer of creepiness.

This is actually more fun than carving pumpkins--and tastier. Image by mashcon5/Instructables

Rice Krispies Spiders

Now let's end with something adorable, mostly because the head made of meat and the shrimp cocktail brain sort of freaked me out. Did you know your classic childhood snack could now be used to make black widow spiders? Well, they can, and the results are both tasty and cute.

Licorice works really well as edible spider legs. Image via Fun Food Ideas

Looking for More Good Ideas for Halloween?

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