Halloween Food Hacks: Make an Icy-Cold, Bloody Hand

Make an Icy-Cold, Bloody Hand

We at Food Hacks Daily freakin' love Halloween—it's the perfect time for weird and creepy food. The gruesomer, the better.

One of our classic favorites is the image of a frozen white hand, reaching out from a macabre pool of bright red blood. (This one is literally reaching out.)

The best part about this Halloween trick is that it's easy as hell: All you need is a latex glove and water. (And gelatin if you want to go the extra mile—but we'll bring that up later.)

How It's Done

Todd's Kitchen on YouTube has a great tutorial for creating this icy hand, complete with a super-easy recipe for bloody punch!

Just fill a latex glove with water, then tie the end tightly with string and pop the glove into the freezer for a day or two. Once you're ready to serve your punch, just grab your glove out of the freezer, carefully cut and peel the glove away from the ice, and throw it into the punch recipe of your choice. Ta-dah!

If you want to get to the next level of creepy hand punch, though, check out the follow tutorial from Allrecipes UK, which adds gelatin to the water prior to freezing it in order to make the hand look more opaque. (This video also includes another easy punch recipe to go with the icy hand.)

The only thing missing from both of these tutorials is a healthy dose of liquor, in my opinion. There ain't no party without the happy juice on Halloween, after all.

Lastly, for the consummate perfectionist—for whom a vaguely-shaped ice hand is not enough—you can always throw a detailed zombie ice hand into your punch bowl. These are a bit smaller, though, so feel free to add a few into the bowl for added horror.

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Share your favorite Halloween party must-haves below, and have a glorious (and boozy) Hallow's Eve!

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