How To: More Food Hacks from Our Facebook Fans

More Food Hacks from Our Facebook Fans

We always want to find more ways to help brilliantly lazy cooks make great-tasting food and save money and time in the process. Luckily, our Facebook fans are invaluable sources of information when it comes to getting cool tips, behind-the-scenes info, and more.

We've already compiled some of the most helpful ones here—now read on for the latest and greatest tips from our fellow Food Hackers.

#1. So Many Ways to Keep Guacamole & Avocados Green

We posted about an innovative way to keep guacamole green using a little bit of water, but our Facebook fans have even more methods.

  • Use PAM to stop guacamole/avocado from turning brown. — Marcus S.
  • Press plastic wrap on top of the guacamole to keep air out. This stops it from turning brown. Also works on avocado. — Zack M.
Sealing it right up against the guac is better than around the opening, to keep air out. Image via The Owl with the Goblet
  • Keep guacamole fresh for up to three days by using a little lime juice and zest and storing it in a ziplock bag with all the air squeezed out. — Brian S.
  • A thin layer of milk keeps guac from turning brown. — Brenda H.
  • Put a thin layer of melted butter on top of the guac to keep it green. Blot/skim it off before serving. — Daniel A.

#2. Vodka Can Do Anything

Sure, vodka can keep flowers alive longer and keep your clothes smelling fresher, but it has other uses, too.

  • Vodka removes red wine stains. — Dani M.

After reading this tip, I tried it out myself on red wine, chocolate, and bacon fat. Vodka took out all those stains when used undiluted and immediately after the stain happened.

  • Use vodka to make homemade tinctures. — Adrien F.
A homemade chamomile tincture is easy with vodka and dried chamomile flowers. Image via Wellness Mama

And, we might add, vodka helps makes great flavored extracts for baking.

#3. Get Booze Buying Tips from the Source

It can be tough to figure out what bottle of wine or spirits merits your hard-earned dollars, unless you have this tip.

  • To find good beer, wine, and spirits: Ask at restaurants, but buy from stores. — Allison K.
The restaurant's resident wine expert (aka sommelier) can be a good resource for you. Image by AFP/Wine Searcher

There are also several great apps to help you find the best liquor out there.

#4. Cold Butter Doesn't Have to Ruin Your Toast

While we've posted many solutions to this problem, a simple and elegant solution was proposed by a Facebook fan.

  • Put butter on toast and put it back in the toaster oven while it's still warm. — Benito C.
Cold butter doesn't stand a chance against this toaster oven. Image via The Kids Did It

#5. No More Cheetos Fingers

Believe it or not, some people don't like having Cheetos residue on their hands.

  • Use food service/latex glove to stop Cheetos fingers. — Kelly N. and Gerald W.
These aren't Cheetos, but the end result is the same. Image by Buck/I Laugh, Therefore, I AM

#6. Slippery Sandwiches No More

Meanwhile, there's a classic solution to the conundrum of sandwiches with slippery fillings...

  • Stop sandwich slippage with frilly toothpicks (it's a classic for a reason). — Melissa T.
They probably don't need to be frilly, but it helps people see them better. Image via Foodieforone

#7. It's Not Trash... Yet

We're all about ways to use up food scraps that might otherwise clog up landfills. Now here are more great tips along those same lines.

  • The end parts from onions can be used on small cuts. Rub the cut end on the wound and within minutes it'll stop the bleeding. Pineapple leaves can be used for decoration once trimmed from the fruit, and the bottom can be carved into a star or flower. Same with watermelon peels (can be carved into a leaf). — Daniel A.
Don't toss that onion end just yet! It has multiple uses. Image via The Vegetarian Ginger

We'd also add that onion ends are great to add to homemade stocks and soups (as are carrot peelings and celery ends).

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A big shout-out and thanks again to everybody for sharing their great tips, comments, and food knowledge. If you haven't already, be sure to stop by our Food Hacks Facebook page to like us, leave a comment, share a secret family food hack, or just say hi. Also make sure to follow us on Twitter over @FoodHacksDaily.

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