How To: This Thanksgiving, You Can Have Your Booze & Eat It, Too

This Thanksgiving, You Can Have Your Booze & Eat It, Too

To some people, Thanksgiving is merely quality time with family and friends that they can't get throughout the rest of the year. To others, it's that one time when it's okay to be a greedy hog and get hammered all weekend long.

In that spirit of eat-and-drink-until-you-drop, we've found some of the best Thanksgiving Day recipes that combine your favorite traditional dishes with your alcohol of choice. We're talking appetizers, main dishes, and desserts with wine, hard cider, vodka, and more — there's something for everyone!

These, of course, will be no substitution for all that wine and beer you'll be drinking throughout your holiday break, so make sure to stock up accordingly.

1. Cheddar & Hard Cider Fondue

Fondue is one of the most amazing things in the entire culinary world — especially when it comes to seasonal fondue. Make the Food Network's version of cheddar and hard cider fondue and literally dip everything you can in it before it gets eaten up: sausages, bread, vegetables, pretzels, candy. (Everything tastes better with cheese!) They add cider and bourbon to the fondue, so you know you're in for a real treat.

Image by Pedro Cerqueira/Flickr

2. Whiskey Glazed Carrots

Once you try The Pioneer Woman's recipe for whiskey glazed carrots, you'll be convinced that everything will taste better with a splash of whiskey.

Image by Didriks/Flickr

3. Green Beans with Wine (& Bacon)

Green bean casserole is a classic that can't be touched — or so you say, until you get a hold of this boozy, bacon-y version. We also like the addition of the mozzarella cheese for a little gooey flavor and the soy sauce for a little tang.

Image by Gnawme/Flickr

4. IPA Mashed Potatoes (With Garlic)

"Much like a single malt scotch, to bring out the true essence of a potato and show off its flavor, texture, and color, you need to practice the concept of 'Simplicity is Complexity'!" So says the Home Brew Chef, and he puts his taters where his mouth is with his IPA mashed potatoes.

Image by Ernesto Andrade/Flickr

5. Beer Gravy

Gravy is the sauciest of the Thanksgiving counterparts and condiments. You'll need something to pour all over your booze-basted bird, which is where this bomb beer gravy factors into your alcoholic Turkey Day equation.

Image by John Herschell/Flickr

6. Bourbon Cranberry Sauce

This year, ditch the can and opt for the homemade stuff instead: you'll only need four ingredients (cranberries, sugar, cinnamon, and bourbon). Now, what will you do with the rest of that bottle of bourbon? It looks like you'll just have to drink it. How awful.

Image by Didriks/Flickr

7. Vodka Turkey

New York City Chef Paul Hurley created what he called his "100-Proof Turkey" — a bird infused with vodka. If you think tryptophan in turkey meat will knock you out, vodka turkey will punch you in the face.

While no recipe has been posted of his turkey (yet), the brilliant Kelly Chamber of Hungry Post was inspired by his creation and gave it a try, infusing her own turkey with a few ounces each of peach, apple, and cherry.

Image by Kristie Moser/Flickr

8. Rum Pumpkin Pie

If you thought the meal was over, think again. Given that you're still functioning at this point of your meal, you'll need to top off all that savory food with the pièce de résistance: pumpkin pie. (Or should we say rum-kin pie?)

Dark molasses and dark rum make this iteration of pumpkin pie insanely good. Opt for the heavy cream instead of the nonfat evaporated milk (because it's Thanksgiving, and you don't hate yourself).

Image by The Culinary Geek/Flickr

With these boozed-up recipes on your radar, you now have a fantastic excuse to buy ridiculous amounts of liquor in the name of making a meal for your family and friends. Just make sure you have a lot of people coming over to help you finish it all, or you'll pass out before the turkey hits the table.

Have any other favorite Thanksgiving recipes you like to spike? Share them with us in the comments below!

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