How To: Eat More Sprinkles with These 12 Fairy Bread Creations

Eat More Sprinkles with These 12 Fairy Bread Creations

If you've spent any time at all recently on social media, then you've probably seen pictures of fairy bread. This magical creation comes to us courtesy of Australia, so we have yet another thing to thank those clever folks Down Under for... along with shrimp on the barbie, Vegemite (the Aussie cousin of Marmite), and Hugh Jackman.

This fantastic treat is pretty simple in its original form: it's really just white bread slathered with butter and topped with a thick coating of sprinkles (or "100s and 1000s", as they're called by the Aussies). But there's no need to stop at the basics: there are dozens of variations on fairy bread, and here are just a few of my favorites.

Fairy bread is the easiest, tastiest, most magical treat EVER. Image by Laura Vincent/Hungry and Frozen

Round & Round We Go

A perfect finger-food for a baby shower, these pinwheels are simply basic fairy bread rolled up and cut into bite-sized slices. If you know the sex of your baby, dye the bread pink or blue for a particularly eye-catching treat.

Spread 'em up, sprinkle 'em on, roll 'em up—couldn't be easier. Image by Catherine Holt/Smart Party Planning

Take a Little Pizza My Heart

You can either make your own dough, use store-bought dough, or use pre-made pizza crusts for this sweet take on this whimsical fairy bread variation. And while the recipe calls for topping your pizza with ice cream and sprinkles, you could just as easily use vanilla frosting.

When the moon hits your eye like a fairy bread pizza, that's amore! Image by Angela/The Fairy Bread Chronicles

Nut(Ella) To You

You don't have to live a vanilla life when you can make Nutella fairy bread. Just coat your bread with delicious chocolate-hazelnut spread ("crust to crust is a must," as Food Network's Jeff Mauro says), and sprinkle on the rainbow jimmies.

Nutella + Fairy Bread = OTP (One True Pair). Image by Johanna/Green Gourmet Giraffe Blog

Cut It Out

Don't be a square: use cookie cutters to make adorable round fairy bread sandwiches with peekaboo designs on them, or just cut out the shapes themselves. Eliza Ellis uses stars, but you can use any shape of cookie cutter you have. Hello, dinosaur fairy bread!

Hearts, stars, little people: you can use any cookie cutter to make fairy bread cut-outs. Image by Jeanne/Oh Peaceful Day

Strawberry Fields Forever

Some of us aren't huge chocolate fans, and we know that (wo)man cannot live by vanilla alone. Try this strawberry fairy bread for a perfect addition to any little (or big) girl's tea party.

Strawberry fairy bread is for all you lovers of pink out there. Image by Dani/High Walls

Puff the Magic Fairy Bread

This imaginative take on fairy bread uses store-bought puff pastry to create a sort-of whimsical cannoli. The flaky pastry is dusted with vanilla sugar and the outside is, of course, dotted with sprinkles.

Flaky and sweet, this is the most delicate of all the fairy breads. Image by Chloe D./Pooklings

The Hole Shebang

You don't have to limit yourself to white bread when making fairy bread. Mini bagels provide a hearty alternative base, and when topped with homemade frosting (and yes, the ubiquitous sprinkles) they could be a delightful pick-me-up in your child's lunchbox. If want to sneak a little protein into this snack, use plain or strawberry cream cheese instead of frosting.

Bagels. They're not just for breakfast anymore, especially if you turn them into FAIRY bagels! Image by Jackie Alpers/Jackie's Happy Plate

Love Your Mug

This is really more "fairy cake" than fairy bread, but it was too clever and too easy not to be included. When you don't have time to make a fancy dessert, these cute little mug cakes will end the meal on a happy note.

This sweet little mug cake is the perfect way to end a magical meal. Image by Emily Buys/Clever Housewife

Rabbit Rabbit

When it's Easter time, these totes adorbs bunny fairy bread finger sandwiches would be the perfect snack after a hard morning of hunting for Easter eggs. Bonus: you can frost and decorate the cutout bunny pieces as well. Just look at that mini marshmallow tail!

Bunny fairy bread is perfect for Easter: and you get double the treats using the cut-out shape, too. Image by Agnes Hsu/hello, Wonderful

Sweet Cheeses

Ricotta cheese is used in many Italian desserts, so why shouldn't it be part of a fairy bread sandwich? Snuggled between two pieces of buttery brioche bread and mixed with funfetti cake mix and extra sprinkles, this grilled cheese fairy bread is the ultimate in decadence.

Fairy bread grilled cheese? Yes please! Image by Mackenzie Smith/Grilled Cheese Social

Rookies Cookies

This fairy bread/cookie hybrid employs a super simple sugar cookie recipe topped with the world's easiest frosting, so it's a great opportunity to get your kids into the kitchen to help you bake. And you can redirect your little glitter crafter's energies to an edible medium by giving her the job of adding the sprinkles.

Easy enough to make with your kids; delicious enough to eat yourself. Image by Shelly Jaronsky/Cookies and Cups

Here's the Skinny

Just because you're watching what you eat doesn't mean you can't enjoy fairy bread, too! This ingenious fairy shortbread recipe uses light butter and sugar substitute, as well as rainbow nonpareils (as opposed to traditional sprinkles) for a sweet treat that won't ruin your diet.

Yes, you can have your fairy bread & eat it too- even if you are dieting! Image by Amanda Plott/The Skinny Fork

Fairy Thee Well

These recipes are just the tip of the rainbow-colored iceberg when it comes to variations on fairy bread. Change the bread, swap out the topping, or use a different type of sprinkle—there are so many different ways to make fairy bread that you might just need to wave a magic breadstick fairy wand to have the time to try them all!

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