How To: 56 Completely Necessary Booze Hacks

56 Completely Necessary Booze Hacks

Fight me all you want, but it ain't a party without alcohol—whether it's a Halloween party, Christmas party, dinner party, or even a damn wedding. (If you think that people will stick around after dinner for a dry wedding, then you're sorely mistaken.)

And while we'd all love to cheers to the new year with Cristal or sip Macallan in our smoking jackets, not all of us are ballers... and almost every single one of us appreciates a good way to improve our enjoyment of booze, whether slightly mediocre or just plain shitty.

So here's to you, our intelligent fellow hackers, and here's to a lifetime of good drinks.

From sake to Amaretto to jalapeño liquor, stock your liquor cabinet with homemade brews and infusions.

1. Turn Juice into Booze with a Yeast Packet

Measure out the amount of yeast you'll need for the amount of juice you're using, then add it to the juice and wait for 72 hours. Boom, baby: homemade booze!

Image by Claire Lower/xoJane

2. You Can Make Your Own Sake with Yeast, Too

Cook some sticky rice, then layer it with powdered yeast from the Asian supermarket and let it sit for a few days to make sake.

Image by Mario Hernandez/Food Hacks Daily

3. All You Need to Make Kahlua Is Vodka & Your Favorite Coffee

Combine your coffee grounds and vodka (or whiskey!) in a 1:4 ratio for 14 hours, then add vanilla and sugar to make a tasty homemade Kahlua.

Image by Ben Richardson/Sprudge

4. All You Need for Bacon Bourbon... Is Fresh Bacon Fat & Bourbon

Mix the two together for 14 hours, then freeze the mixture to solidify the fat and separate it from the liquor. Mmm, bacon booze.

Image by Brady Klopfer/Food Hacks Daily

5. Skittles Vodka Is... You Guessed It, Skittles & Vodka Only

Just fill a bottle halfway with Skittles, then fill the rest of the bottle with vodka and let it sit overnight.

Image by Alyssa Woodard/Food Hacks Daily

6. Lemonheads Vodka Is Easy to Make at Home, Too

Soak Lemonheads in vodka overnight, and you're good to go.

Image by Naomi Imatome-Yun/Food Hacks Daily

7. Hell, Make Any Kind of Infusion You Want—Jalapeños, Fruit, Anything

Just "marinate" anything you want your alcohol to taste like for a few days, filter, then enjoy.

Image by Brady Klopfer/Food Hacks Daily

8. Amaretto Is Easy to Make, Too

Combine almonds, dried cherries, dried apricots, brandy, and vodka together, then—you guessed it— play the waiting game to allow the flavors to really infuse. After 3-4 weeks, your homemade Amaretto will be delicious and well-worth the wait.

Here are a few nifty hacks to save you from making that awful shot face.

9. Fix Your Shitty Vodka with a Water Filter

Just run your awful vodka through a water filter pitcher (like Brita or Pur) 4-5 times and you'll immediately taste a difference.

10. And Bad Beer Tastes Better with Some Bitters

Add a few drops of your favorite bitters to any skunky or low-quality beer to vastly improve its taste.

Image by Kris Wu/Food Hacks Daily

11. You Can Also Infuse Beer with Fruit Using a French Press

Place the beer with whatever you'd like to infuse it with in a French press for 3 minutes, then press the plunger down and enjoy.

12. If You've Got Really Shitty Wine, Try Throwing It in a Blender

30-60 seconds of hypercanting will aerate your wine in a flash.

Image via Wine Searcher

13. You Can Mull It, Too—Cook It for Hours with Delicious Spices

Add fruits like apples and oranges to get that delicious mulled wine flavor that screams of cold weather and cozy nights.

Image by Mr. Choppers/Wikimedia Commons

14. Liquid Smoke, Vanilla Extract & Sherry Can Improve Your Bourbon Immensely

These flavors mimic an aged bourbon, aka a bourbon that doesn't taste like crap.

Image by jpellgen/Flickr

15. Stuck on a Plane with Bad Booze? Bring Your Own Mixers

You don't have to settle for a cranberry vodka if you come prepared.

Image via The Alcohol Enthusiast

16. Maybe You Just Need to Learn How to Find Better Booze

These cool phone apps for both iPhone and Android make it a snap to find decent drinks.

17. True Story: Best Way to Avoid Crappy Wine Is to Buy Good Wine at Good Prices

We've got 8 smart ways to get your wine fix without breaking the bank.

18. Add a Few Drops of Water to Your Whisky to Make It Taste Better

Less is more with really good whisky—just a few drops will open up the nose and vastly improve the flavor.

Image via Angel's Share Glass Whiskey Dropper

It turns out that vodka is the wonder liquor you need and deserve.

19. Alcohol Undrinkable? Make Baking Extracts with Your Bad Vodka

Just let your mint, vanilla, or whatever you want to make extracts out of steep for a few weeks, then use in recipes as desired.

Image via The Prairie Homestead

20. You Can Make Liquid Smoke with Crappy Vodka, Too

Simmer vodka, oil, and smoked salt for a few minutes, then steep it for an hour. After it's been strained, you can use your new liquid smoke in anything that could use that tasty grilled flavor.

Image by Brady Klopfer/Food Hacks Daily

21. Get Rid of (Your) Stank on Clothes with Vodka

Put some of your crappy vodka in a spray bottle, then lightly spritz your clothes. When the alcohol evaporates, it'll take the smelly odor with it.

22. And Apparently, Vodka Removes Stains, Too

We tried removing red wine, chocolate, and bacon fat stains with vodka as a stain remover and it worked wonders.

23. Did You Know That Vodka Makes an Amazing, Flaky Pie Crust?

Just use vodka instead of water in your favorite pie crust recipe and prepare to be amazed.

Image by Cleo Coyle/Mystery Lovers' Kitchen

24. Damn, Vodka Makes Great Ice Packs, Too?! Vodka Is the Best!

Mix a 2:1 ratio of water to high-proof vodka (such as Everclear), then double-seal the resealable bag with another bag. Ta-dah!

Image via 365 Days of Baking and More

Alcohol makes everything better, and that includes food.

25. Liquor Up Your Citrus Fruit to Get Drunk in Public on the Sly

Inject the fruit with liquor at lots of different angles to evenly distribute the alcohol, then let it sit overnight and enjoy your secret drunken fruit the next day.

Image via Shutterstock

26. Cooking with Alcohol Enhances the Smell of Your Food—It's Science!

The strong smell of alcohol evaporates quickly because of its volatile molecules; because of this, the fragrance of whatever it's mixed with reaches your nose faster than it would without alcohol.

Image by Martin Haake/Fine Cooking

27. And Adding Liquor to Your Fried Chicken Batter Makes It Extra-Crispy

The alcohol cooks off immediately when introduced to heat, leaving a drier, crispier crust.

Image by Brady Klopfer/Food Hacks Daily

28. Throw Bitters into Fruit Pies to Bring Out Their Vibrant, Complex Flavor

Just a dash of bitters can brighten the flavor of anything from rhubarb to apple pies.

Image by katie/Flickr

29. Don't Forget That You Can Deglaze Your Pan with Wine or Beer

Just pour a little wine or beer on your pan to scrape up the caramelized drippings from your sautéed meats or veggies to deglaze it (and make a freaking delicious base for your pan sauce).

Image by Brady Klopfer/Food Hacks Daily

30. You Can Poach Your Eggs in Beer—& It Is Awesome

Just poach your egg with beer and a bit of butter to kick up that humdrum Eggs Benedict.

Image by Jessica Bose/Food Hacks Daily

31. Love Brunch? Then Make Red Wine Syrup for Your French Toast or Waffles

This red wine syrup only requires red wine, sugar, and water.

Image by Laura Holman/Food Hacks Daily

32. Reduce the Carcinogens in Your Grilled Meat by Marinating It in Beer

Researchers in Portugal found that pork marinated in beer before being grilled had less carcinogens in it afterward than pork that wasn't marinated at all.

33. Have Your Shots & Eat Them, Too—With Edible Shot Glasses

Meatballs, fruits, and even cookies make this yummy list of what foods you can (and should) turn into shooters.

Image via ManBQue

There's a special place in heaven for cool, refreshing (alcoholic) drinks.

34. Speaking of Brunch, Keep Your Champagne Bubbly by Keeping It Extra Cold

No, the spoon trick doesn't work. The only thing that will is to keep your leftover champagne in the fridge or on ice to preserve the carbon dioxide gas (and therefore, the bubbles).

Image via Discovery

35. And Chill a Cocktail Correctly by Shaking It, Not Stirring It

James Bond was right: shaken, not stirred cocktails can be up to 10 degrees colder.

Image by Sergey Mironov/123RF

36. The Best Way to Make Wine Slushies Is to Freeze the Wine in Cubes Beforehand

Once your cubes are totally frozen, just pop them in the blender and pulse for cool, refreshing wine slushies.

Image by Nick & Bay Nigro/Food Hacks Daily

37. Make Smoked Ice to Give Your Cocktail Complexity

Just smoke your ice on the grill with the lid on until it melts, then put the water back into your ice cube tray and freeze it. The smoky flavor will add tons of interesting complexity to your everyday cocktails.

Image by Brady Klopfer/Food Hacks Daily

38. Mix Ice, Cold Water & Salt for Super-Cold Beer in Mere Minutes

This is really helpful when you need cold beer ASAP (which is all the time, basically).

Image via Shutterstock

39. Use a Binder Clip to Store Your Beer in the Fridge

I think the picture says it all.

Image by R Mansur/Food Hacks Daily

40. Extend the Life of Your Opened Wine by Putting It in the Fridge with a Cork

The cold air in your fridge cuts down on the oxidation that occurs to your opened wine (which eventually causes that sour, flat taste we all know and hate).

Image by Sonia Belviso/Flickr

Where the glasses clink and we never stop at one drink.

41. The Perfect Ratio for a Cocktail Is 2:1:1

This magical cocktail ratio stands for 2 parts liquor, 1 part sour, and 1 part sweet. Time to create new cocktails named after you, am I right?

Image by Melanie Pinola/Food Hacks Daily

42. Don't Have a Shaker? Use a Mason Jar Instead

A pretty straightforward (but genius) use for your everyday mason jar.

43. Slap the Herbs You're Adding to Your Cocktail for Better Flavor

That singular slap breaks open the outer cell structure of the herb, releasing its aroma. And our sense of smell has a really strong effect on our sense of taste. So slap away!

44. Use a Rolling Pin to Muddle Your Cocktail Herbs & Fruits

No need for fancy bar equipment when you've got a rolling pin.

Image by Nick & Bay Nigro/Food Hacks Daily

45. Grenadine Syrup Is Just a 4:1 Ratio of Pomegranate Juice to Sugar

Don't buy that corn syrup-laden junk at the store. Just add the ingredients together over heat and reduce the liquid until it becomes syrupy.

46. Throw Beer into Your Cocktails for an Extra Punch of Alcohol (& Flavor)

Margaritas, for example, are twice as nice with Corona. Mmm... beertails.

Image by Brady Klopfer/Food Hacks Daily

47. Here's How to Make Alcoholic Butterbeer—For the Wizard in All of Us

Graduate from Hogwarts with these adult twists on butterbeer.

That these random hacks with alcohol are awesome.

48. True Story: You Can Turn a Watermelon into a Keg

It's as simple as digging out the watermelon flesh and drilling a hole for the spigot at the bottom of the rind.

Image via Prudent Baby

49. For the Best Tasting Beer, Let It Sit Out of the Fridge a Few Minutes

Too-cold beer can disguise the more subtle flavors brewed into your favorite drinks. So let it sit out for a few minutes, then drink it.

50. You Can Open a Beer Bottle with a Spoon, Keys, Paper, a Shoe, a Machete...

Yeah, you heard that right. And the list goes on.

Image by Buzzfeed/YouTube

51. And You Can Open a Wine Bottle with... a Blowtorch?!

Excuse me, what?!

Image by Foodbeast/YouTube

52. Amber Bottles Are Better for Beer Than Clear or Green Bottles

Amber bottles block out the most UV rays, which can make for some seriously skunky beer.

53. Beer Can Also Polish Wooden Furniture, Copper Pots & Remove Stains

Beer is truly a magical elixir with many non-drinking uses.

54. Soak Melon Slices with Margarita, Then Put Them on Popsicle Sticks

This is a super-cute, summery way to enjoy fruit and alcohol by the pool.

Image by Jessica Bose/Food Hacks Daily

55. Hate Waiting? Make Sangria in 5 Minutes with a Wine Saver

Put all of your ingredients in a bottle, then furiously pump your vacuum wine saver to draw out the air and encourage the fruit inside to soak up the wine.

56. Stay (More) Sober by Eating a Teaspoon of Yeast Before Going Out

Play it cool while looking like a tank by putting a teaspoon of yeast in a yogurt cup (or something similarly good at disguising flavors) and downing it before you go out.

Image via Shutterstock

So get your drink on, and pour one out for your homies here at Food Hacks Daily.

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