How To: This Quick & Easy Shortcut Minces Garlic in Seconds

This Quick & Easy Shortcut Minces Garlic in Seconds

Don't like mincing garlic into tiny pieces with a knife? No matter how you mince garlic, it will never be as easy as this kitchen trick. You won't even need a knife—just a fork! It's a great hack for kids just learning how to cook or if you only need about one or two cloves for your recipe and feel like speeding things up a bit.

Step 1: Peel

Peel that clove—we recommend the twist and snap method or the microwave method for individual cloves, and this crush and shake method for a whole bulb.

Step 2: Press

Press the clove with the tines of your fork, smashing the clove against your cutting board.

Step 3: Scrape

Scrape the garlic off of your fork and repeat the pressing in the other direction. (Pro tip: Coating your fork with nonstick spray will make this process much less sticky.)

Step 4: Repeat

Repeat until your garlic is minced to your liking!

And there you have it: minced garlic. You can also keep mashing the garlic until it forms a paste, should you feel so inclined. So easy, so quick, and a great way to release any tension or aggression you've encountered during the day... not to mention a safe way for you to introduce kids to prep work in the kitchen.

Happy garlic-ing! We're off to mash more cloves.

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Photos by Nick and Bay Nigro/Food Hacks

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