How To: You Can Make Rice Krispies Treats in the Microwave in Just 5 Minutes

You Can Make Rice Krispies Treats in the Microwave in Just 5 Minutes

It's no secret that the microwave is a modern-day wonder that, when used correctly, can cook a wide variety of food in a snap.

Well, I've got another delectable treat to add to that list of food—a snack that is universally loved by both young and old. I'm talking, of course, about Rice Krispies Treats. No need to make a giant batch on the stove if you've got a craving... thank to the microwave, you can enjoy your own personal snack-sized treat in less than 5 minutes!


Step 1: Make the Marshmallow Mix

Mix your butter and marshmallows in a microwave safe bowl for 20 seconds on high. I like to put the butter and marshmallows together because it helps prevent butter from splattering while cooking; it's also more efficient to cook two things at once.

Microwave strengths can vary and the marshmallows will puff up, so make sure you watch it in order to make sure that it doesn't overflow.

Step 2: Add in the Rice Krispies

Take your bowl out of the microwave and mix the butter and marshmallows until blended. Add your Rice Krispies cereal and mix well, until the marshmallow mixture is completely integrated into the cereal.

Sometimes I like to add in a small handful of peanut butter chips while mixing; it's an easy but subtle way to supplement flavor (and I can tell myself that I'm adding nutritional value to this treat).

Step 3: Enjoy Your 5-Minute Rice Krispies Cups

Sit down, relax, and enjoy your "hard work." See, I told you it was easy. And they're way better than the store-bought kind!

Making Rice Krispies bars in the microwave is definitely something I do when I need a quick snack to satisfy my sweet tooth; not only is it fast, but it's easy and pretty hard to mess up. This makes it an ideal treat for kids as well, as it doesn't involve any stovetop cooking.

So, whether you're "cooking" in the kitchen with kids or making a quick, guilty pleasure snack for yourself, microwaving these treats is a handy hack—and done in a snap!

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Photos by Jessica Rae/Food Hacks Daily

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