News: Pizza Rolls Are a Better Use of Your Freezer's Built-in Ice Dispenser

Pizza Rolls Are a Better Use of Your Freezer's Built-in Ice Dispenser

I bet you've never put much thought into the water and ice dispensers that comes preinstalled in a lot of modern refrigerators and freezers. For chilled water or perfectly formed ice cubes, all you need to do is push the button and wait, right?

Right, but have you ever considered what else you could put into the ice chamber to be dispersed on command? One Imgur user took his need for nighttime snacks to the next level by having his fridge dispense pizza rolls instead of ice.

Image by reanimatedus/Imgur

This is the perfect kitchen hack because pizza rolls are roughly the same size as ice cubes. As some Imgur commenters noted, it's crucial that the fridge is set to the cubed, not crushed setting. No one wants frozen pizza roll dust covering their kitchen counters. Also, that would be a waste of perfectly good pizza rolls.

Sadly, this probably won't work with all freezers, so make sure to check out how yours dispenses ice (there are various technologies) to make sure your precious pizza rolls won't get squashed on their way out the door.

As impressive as the self-serve pizza rolls concept is, there's truly nothing that beats finding a faster way to get perfectly chilled wine into your mouth. Clare Potts is a 28-year-old blogger and photographer from the UK whose demonstration of her new method for chilling wine went viral on Twitter back in December. This is the type of ingenuity that has millennials saying "me af." I couldn't be more obsessed.

Image via @iliketweet

People have been totally obsessed with this hack, but some Twitter users were quick to jump on the fact that leaving opened wine fully exposed in the fridge will ruin the taste because it will become tainted by the odors of other food stored there. Potts noted that she's only used the freezer hack once and washed out the bin completely after use. It does seem like it would be a good idea for the duration of a party, though.

Do you put anything out of the ordinary in your dispenser? Please tell all below in the comments—I'm dying to know!

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Cover image via Michael Salazar/Flickr

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