How To: The Absolute Fastest Way to Peel an Apple

The Absolute Fastest Way to Peel an Apple

Peeling apples is pure grunt work, especially if you have a recipe that calls for a lot of 'em, like apple pie. You can make this task go by much more quickly if you use something from your tool box—your literal tool box, that is.

All you need is a power drill and a regular vegetable peeler. Clean off a spade (aka butterfly) bit and insert it into the bottom of the fruit (be sure you wash your apples properly beforehand). Turn on the drill as you hold the peeler against the apple and watch the peel fly!

Keep in mind that it's going to take practice to get good at this. See how pastry chef Jasper van Ramhorst does it.

There's also the added benefit of coring the apples with the spade bit, which you can do after the peeling is done. Just be extremely careful with the hand holding the apple. If you're not comfortable with drills, do not attempt to core them this way!

Overall, this drilling method works way faster than these hand-turned skinner, corer, and slicer combo contraptions. If you have one of these, you surely have a huge kitchen, or at least a decent garage to store junk in.

Now that you know this quick way to peel mass quantities of apples, find out easier, faster ways you can peel a bulb of garlic; individual cloves; potatoes, oranges, and bananas; hard-boiled eggs; even Hershey's Kisses.

And if you really want to impress people, split apples with your bare hands.

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