How To: Sushi Cakes Look Too Delicious to Be Real

Sushi Cakes Look Too Delicious to Be Real

I'm a sucker for sushi, both in its traditional forms and its modern fusion creations. When the infamous sushi burritos surfaced, I'm not ashamed to admit that I waited in a ridiculously long line for what is essentially an uncut sushi roll. (As for whether it was worth it or not, well... that's another story.)

So, when I found out about the current trend of sushi cake sweeping the web, I was intrigued.

Image via Rakuten

And when I happened to see this viral video via Tastemade, I was convinced that I needed to head over to my local Japanese market and recreate this decedent sushi masterpiece, pronto.

Image by Azami/FC2

Sushi Cakes Deciphered

Originating from oshi (pressed) sushi, sushi cakes are a bigger version that included multiple layers of raw fish, rice, veggies (avocado, cucumber), nori seaweed, and eggs cooked Japanese omelet-style. As for their characteristic 'cake' shape, they're formed in circular, rectangular, or specially-molded cake pans.

Sushi cakes can be served as a main dish for parties or in lieu of an actual birthday cake, if you're not a fan of sweets (or just really, really love sushi). Or, you can make these cakes just for the hell of it—other than having to buy sushi-grade raw fish at a specialty market, the rest of the sushi cake steps look quite easy.

Image via around design

(Although I have to say... is it just me, or do Japanese folks love creating 'cakes' out of things that aren't cake at all? See: salad cake. Anyhow, I digress.)

Getting Fancy with the Toppings

If you think that the cake ingredients sound complex, it's nothing compared to the endless options for the toppings. Some cake toppings are kept relatively simple and only include a sprinkling of salmon roe and sliced egg omelet. Others go all out and include raw fish roses or an arrangement of cooked seafood.

No matter how these are decorated, however, the most important thing never changes: the amount of amazing flavor in each and every slice.

Image via Kinugawa Onsen Hotel

I'm definitely sold on making a sushi cake as the centerpiece of my next party—and I hope I've convinced you of the same.

If you've made these before and have any expertise in creating them, though, help a newbie out and leave your tips in the comment section below!

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