Christmas Food Hacks: 9 Edible Wreaths to Deck Out Your Holiday

9 Edible Wreaths to Deck Out Your Holiday

Christmas is just around the corner, which means holiday wreaths are decorating many doors across the nation. While we're always fans of a practical DIY, we especially love the edible kind, which are great for last-minute decorations.

We gathered the easiest, tastiest "recipes" to edible wreaths for you to peruse below. Many of these wreaths should cost you no more than a Hamilton and use ingredients you probably already have hiding away in cupboards. If you're throwing a holiday party, hang one over the sweets table so hungry guests can pluck off treats throughout the night!

Image by Charisma Madarang/Food Hacks

If you are planning on having these edible wreaths on display for a while, you might want to spray them with some kind of arts and crafts sealer before hanging it up. Alas, that will negate the edible part, but art has its sacrifices.

#1. Marshmallow Wreath

Hang a marshmallow wreath over a hot cocoa station for a fun way to display the fluffy sweets! Just make sure to wash the foam base first.

Image by Charisma Madarang/Food Hacks

This wreath is pretty easy to make. For most versions, you just need a foam wreath base, lots and lots of wooden toothpicks, marshmallows, and decorative ribbon. For further instructions and variations on this theme, check out the marshmallow Peeps wreath by Kelly at Eclectically Vintage, or this marshmallow and Chrismas candy version by Barbara at Chase the Star.

#2. Gumdrop Wreath

Gumdrops are cheap and come in such a wide variety of vibrant colors that you could fashion a wreath for every entrance and still come in well under your holiday decorating budget.

Image by Charisma Madarang/Food Hacks

These wreaths require most of the same materials and have a similar process to the marshmallow wreath above. Allison from Dream a Little Bigger has a good step-by-step tutorial if you want more details.

#3. Peppermint Wreath & Ornaments

Is there anything more festive than those peppermint-striped candies? They're also super cheap and easily found, which makes them the perfect material for a holiday wreath.

Image via Gwynn Wasson Designs

Gwynn Wasson Designs has a wonderful step-by-step tutorial on how to make this eye-catching piece of holiday decor. Alternately, you can use melted peppermints to make stained glass-like ornaments for your Christmas tree. Check out the instructions from Stephanie at Kiwi Crate.

Image via Kiwi Crate

#4. Wrapped Candy Wreath

For this wreath, you can use any type of candy in twisted wrappers. Regular peppermints will work, but those leftover Tootsie Rolls, Jolly Ranchers, and salt-water taffy from Halloween will do. Watch a thorough video tutorial from Living on a Dime below, or read the instructions on their website.

#5. Andes Mint Wreath

An Andes Mint wreath is really stunning in its simplicity—and the beauty of this one is you can eat it once the holidays are over (or before, we don't mind). If you've got guests staying with you, you can also hang this wreath over the bed for an elaborate version of the classic hotel-mint-on-a-pillow ritual. Get the full instructions on how to make it from the Food Network.

Image via Food Network

#6. Candy Cane Wreath or Star

At this time of the year, there's no escaping the candy canes that come your way. Repurpose those candies into effortless home decor, like this Christmas wreath:

Image via Bunnie Claire

This video from Robeson DIY will show you how to make one in no time flat.

You can also make a candy cane star using many of the same items. Virginia Sweet Pea has a great how-to for this on her site.

#7. Gingerbread Men Wreath

This exceptionally yummy wreath uses gingerbread cookies. If you're going the whole nine yards, you should definitely make your own (and eat any leftovers). If you're in a time crunch, you can buy pre-made gingerbread men to make this unique decoration. The full instructions on how to make this wreath (including a recipe for gingerbread men) come from Martha Stewart.

Image via Martha Stewart

#8. Brussels Sprouts Wreath

There are people out there who don't like to eat their brassicas. For those fussy folks, you can turn Brussels Sprouts into a wreath, like so:

Image via Blomsterverkstad

The instructions are available at Blomsterverkstad; the original text is in Swedish and the English translation is a little rough, but my guess is that clever types can figure it out with some detective work.

#9. Potato & Onion Wreath

Potatoes and onions are staple foods—almost everyone has one bag of each in the pantry. Now, with a little craftiness, they can become a most unusual holiday display. Laura Dowling has a complete how-to on turning these root vegetables into door candy.

Image via Laura Dowling

What décor do you like to put up around the holidays?

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