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Forum Thread: Dieta Dukan

The rule behind a diet to get rid of belly fat is not as difficult as some nutritionists would have you feel. A lot of men and women today have the ability to lose as much as 20 pounds within weeks by just simply altering their diet.

Forum Thread: Tasty Multigrain Sandwiches (Gluten Free!)

Confession: Since creating this recipe, I have made it about 15 times and haven't made "real" gluten free sandwich bread once. It's that amazing and easy! Seriously, you can make homemade soft warm rolls for a sandwich in under 30 minutes! These are sturdy and taste delicious. Most people probably would not be able to guess that these are gluten free. These pack very well in a lunch box...I bring them on planes all the time!

Forum Thread: How Mozzarella Is Made ?

Mozzarella is a traditionally southern Italian dairy product made from Italian buffalo's milk by the pasta filata method. Mozzarella received a Traditional Specialities Guaranteed certification from the European Union in 1998. This protection scheme requires that mozzarella sold in the European Union is produced according to a traditional recipe.

Forum Thread: How to Make Cannabis Coconut Oil at Home, Step by Step

In this week's video I demonstrate in a few easy steps, how to make a potent batch of cannabis infused coconut oil from home. I use a sous-vide to keep an accurate water temperature, but you can always just boil on your stove-top, while using a thermometer to help you keep the temperatures steady. This is a very easy process, that anybody can master in very little time. I hope you enjoy this short educational video.

Forum Thread: Celebrating Birthdays Are Becoming the Biggest Celebrations at Present

The one day which gives reality for living is everybody's birthday. The time to feel more and more enthusiastic and energetic can surely happen on the birthday without any issues. It is time to celebrate some of your friend's or parent's birthday is a creative way to make them fall into the falls of happiness throughout the party. The birthday cake delivery in Delhi is making people get their cakes even on the freezing temperature timings.

Forum Thread: Evolution of Noodles

Did you know that instant noodles was invented by Momofuku Ando who was the founder of a Japanese food company. He also invented chicken Ramen which is world's first instant noodles. Later various flavor noodles was developed. Soon after this cup noodles came into the market and its popularity spread wide to America and Europe. Now it is one of the most consumed food item around the world. Now variety of instant noodles with various flavors are available in the market. Which noodle brand do y...

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