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Forum Thread: How to Chose Best Frymaster Parts

Frymaster parts was founded in 1935. Today, their quality and engineering are renowned within the industry. Winners of the Food Equipment & Service Best in Class 2015 award for deep fryers - making it 15 straight times winning that award. Frymaster parts continues to be one of the most sought-after brands in any commercial kitchen restaurant Equipment parts. Whether it's your high-efficiency gas fryer, or your soup and sauce rethermalizer, shop Partsfps for top quality Frymaster replacement p...

Forum Thread: 200 Chicken Nuggets from Burger King?

Got some friends together to try this 200 chicken nugget challenge. Didn't take extremely long. Maybe around 20 minutes or so. Saw a couple videos like this and thought it would be fun. It did get very challenging towards the ending. About the 160-170 mark we hit a wal and got the meat sweats. Challenging even for 5 of us!

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