Forum Thread: How to Cook a SARDINE and ONION PIE

Hello, today I want to show you another simple recipe - SARDINE AND ONION PIE. Pie turns out very juicy, fragrant and delicious, it can be eaten as a hot or cold!

For the pie, we need:
500 gr. - yeast dough
500 gr. - Canned sardine
850 gr. - Onions
200 gr. - Butter
1.5 tsp - salt
1 tablespoon - Sunflower oil (for greasing the pan)

For the filling we need to chop canned sardine (together with the oil in which it was), chop the onion and fry all the stuffing is ready! Then roll out the dough into a large sheet, forming the basis for the pie. We spread roasted onions first, then sardine. Close the pie dough, grease the yolk and bake in a preheated oven (180 - 200 degrees C) for 25 - 35 minutes! Pie is ready! Enjoy your meal

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