Food Tool Friday: Make Fast Espresso on the Go

Make Fast Espresso on the Go

Coffee lovers take their beverage of choice seriously. Some even go out of their way to find their own kopi luwak (cat poop coffee) just to see if it lives up to all the hype.

While you may not be that adventurous, chances are you'd love a gadget that created a delicious shot of espresso while you're commuting, traveling, or camping instead of having to make due with a cup of lukewarm drip from a donut shop.

Enter the Minipresso. This handheld espresso machine stands 6.95 inches tall and weighs 0.8 pounds, comes with its own espresso cup, and makes java that nearly matches expresso machine quality, according to its makers.

Wacaco says the machine is able to produce high-quality espresso due to a semi-automatic piston. Once you add coffee and water (heated separately), you hand-pump the Minipresso, which pushes hot water through the grounds, extracting the best flavor from the coffee. CNET points out that in the demo above, there's even a layer of crema, that tawny liquid that sits atop many a well-made cup of espresso.

Of course, keep in mind that while this unit retails for only $49, there is a waitlist, with the next batch due for production some time in 2015.

If you absolutely can't wait for your own handheld espresso maker, check out the Handpresso (which is also the company's name). While this gadget costs quite a bit more and is heavier to boot, it does have one significant advantage: it heats up water on its own. Alas, the Minipresso requires that you have hot water handy or bring along a separate thermos of it.

Can't wait for your coffee fix? Then be sure to maximize the benefits of coffee drinking, prevent coffee-only breakfasts from slowing down your metabolism, and make bitter coffee taste better with a secret ingredient.

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Cover image via Wacaco, Shutterstock

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