How To: Turn Your Favorite Snack Food into Seasoning

Turn Your Favorite Snack Food into Seasoning

You know how when you finish a bag of potato chips, Cheetos, or some other glorious savory junk food snack, there's always some bits and crumbs in the bottom of the bag? And you know how you pour those into your mouth, making sure to get every last speck of dust, because it's the most delicious part?

I thought so. Hey, no shame, I do it too! Crumbs and small chunks of potato chips are freaking delicious; so delicious, that they're worth using as a seasoning. As it turns out, turning them into a seasoning is both easy and fun... and one of my all-time favorite food hacks: junk food seasoning.

Step 1: Buy a Cheap Grinder

Most grocery stores offer you the option to buy rock salt or pepper in a small plastic grinder so that you can grind your seasonings directly onto your meal. Usually these cost only two or three dollars, plus you get whatever seasonings they came with!

Step 2: Empty the Grinder

Take off the lid to your grinder, and remove whatever came inside; it's an important seasoning, but not as important as the Doritos or Cheetos you're about to put in there. You could also just use ones you have that are already empty.

Step 3: Fill the Grinder with Snacks

Break your chips or other snacks into pieces that will fit inside the grinder, and stuff the thing full. Compact the chips as much as possible, so you can fit as much of that addictively delicious goodness in there as possible.

Step 4: Put the Lid Back On

Screw the grinder lid back on, and now you have a bottle that looks just like the others on your spice rack... until you look inside.

Step 5: Grind It Up

Whenever you find a food that would benefit from some Doritos or Cheetos on top (let's face it: almost everything), just pull out the grinder, give it a few turns over the dish, and enjoy the most awesome of flavors: junk food seasoning.

Scrambled eggs with Doritos seasoning.

More Snack Food Fun

Don't throw out your stale potato chips: revive (and cook) with them instead. Likewise stale cereal—there are lots of ways to make it good again. And if you're a chip fiend, here are 7 hacks that will change how you eat chips forever.

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Photos by Brady Klopfer/Food Hacks

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